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Grappling Drill: How To Improve Your Shot, Sprawl & Hand Techniques With 2 sticks!

For some reason, this seems to be a controversial drill in that
a lot of people are asking "why not just use a partner?"

Here's my take on it.

This is simply a drill. Its an attribute builder. In other words,
it doesn't replace a partner or live sparring/ grappling etc.

Personally I really like this drill as I feel it builds attributes such as
timing, speed, precision, coordination, etc.

Not to mention, its burning that repetition into your nervous system.
Its creating that muscle memory.

So, for those that ask "why not just use a partner?" my question to them is
why do pad work? Why not just stick to sparring.

Its the same concept. What do you think?

About the Author Ricardo Vasquez