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The Top 10 Tips From The Cage

Below you can find a collection of 10 “tips from the cage”.  This is a section in our twice weekly, email magazine where I give a bite sized tip to help improve your performance as it relates to MMA. The topics range from techniques, strength & conditioning, nutrition, psychology,  post work out recovery, recovering from an injury […]

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When to shoot for a takedown

Never shoot at a leg from farther out than arms length.

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How To Make Tucking Your Chin A Habit

Always keep your chin down when training, fighting etc. Tuck that shit! Make it a habit, practice it. DRILL: Get yourself a golf ball, tennis ball etc. (experiment with different types of balls- no pun intended) Put it under your chin and shadow box, kick box etc. If the ball drops it means you’re lifting […]

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How To Get Maximum Power By Relaxing!

Try to stay loose when sparring, training, fighting etc.Stay as relaxed as possible and when you need to explode, flex every muscle in your body for maximum power.When flexing, clench your fist, brace your abs as if your preparing to take a punch and squeeze your glutes as though you want to hold a coin […]

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