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If You Don’t Fix This Now- You’ll Hate Yourself Later

​PostureWhat would happen to the sprinter if she were slouched over? A waste of her remarkable muscle power.The full contact karateka’s devastating spinning kick would turn into a harmless wobbly spinning top.The archer would not be able to align her structure for a perfectly stable shooting platform.In a great majority of athletic events and real-life […]

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What George Chuvalo Can Teach Us About Avoiding A Knockout

The one lesson I wish I learned years ago is the importance of neck and jaw training. Specifically, how I could strengthen them for my own safety and protection. In the video below, you’ll get to watch a short, but very important interview with one of the all time greats George Chuvalo where he discusses […]

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4 Exercises To Help Eliminate Hip Flexor Pain (common in MMA)

four different exercises that target your hip flexors in order to decrease the pain in them, loosen them up, and stretch them out.​#1- Hip Flexor Massage Hip Flexor Massage The first exercise involves foam rolling. I will get Andrea to demonstrate it. You need a full-sized foam roller. Start just above your hip and roll down […]

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Top 11 Recovery Methods For MMA

How the hell do you fit it all in?Anyone that trains in combat sports knows how grueling it can be. From stand up to grappling, strength and conditioning, it’s exhausting. It’s tough to fit it all in, let alone have the energy reserves for all of it. I’ve decided to compile a list of all the […]

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