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1 Quick and Easy Way To End A Fight

If you can lift up your leg and extend it, then you can end a fight quickly. This is true inside the cage, the ring, or, even out on the street. What am I talking about? One of the most devastating lower body attacks. You’ve seen many of the top fighters use it and its […]

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How To Set Up A Nasty Low Roundhouse Kick

In the video below you’ll see a Rear Low Round House kick demonstration in real time & in slow motion.  Pay close attention to the set up!     In the second video below you’ll see the same kick as above, except now its a voice over breakdown of the technique so that you can […]

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3 Steps to a Vicious Leg Kick!

3 Steps to a Vicious Leg Kick!Have you ever wondered how some fighters can throw a vicious leg kick and not necessarily have big legs? Meanwhile, some big guys deliver insane power while others don’t? In the video below, you’ll see a video explaining the 3 keys to focus on when delivering a low round kick […]

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