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The Mike Tyson Guide To Boxing For MMA – Peek-A-Boo Style (Part 2)

The stance, general evasive moves and the jab by Mike Tyson in the Peek-A-Boo style of Cus D’Amato. IntroductionWe continue the Part I with the immediate discussion of the stance and evasive moves.StanceMike Tyson [MT1]: “Cus thought that fighters got hit by right hands because they were stationary and had their gloves too low.” We […]

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How To Set Up A Nasty Low Roundhouse Kick

In the video below you’ll see a Rear Low Round House kick demonstration in real time & in slow motion.  Pay close attention to the set up!     In the second video below you’ll see the same kick as above, except now its a voice over breakdown of the technique so that you can […]

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Top 11 Recovery Methods For MMA

How the hell do you fit it all in?Anyone that trains in combat sports knows how grueling it can be. From stand up to grappling, strength and conditioning, it’s exhausting. It’s tough to fit it all in, let alone have the energy reserves for all of it. I’ve decided to compile a list of all the […]

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Peek-A-Boo Hacking With Mike Tyson (part 1)

What is the peek-a-boo actually? Introduction to the peek-a-boo by Cus D’Amato using examples from Mike Tyson’s fights. IntroductionIn our articles, we distinguish between Mike Tyson’s style of fighting and the Peek-A-Boo by Cus D’Amato for a reason. The goal is to collect all evidence from creditable sources on the peek-a-boo and evaluate it against […]

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Chael Sonnen’s most valuable wrestling technique for MMA

Q: What’s the most valuable wrestling technique that’s applicable to MMA?A: Get to the body, meaning you get the underhook position, and you can get your hands locked and can get control of his body, that would be the No. 1 thing.

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When to shoot for a takedown

Never shoot at a leg from farther out than arms length.

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